Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skully Santa Christmas Ornament

Hi Everyone!
Today I thought I'd share with all of you an ornament I made for my own tree. It will be going up on the non-traditional tree that I'm putting up this year. Everyone that knows me knows I love skulls (must be my love for all things Halloween) so of course I had to make a skull wearing a Santa hat ornament using my eCraft and eBosser.
-Cardstock - white, black, red
-SVG's - SVGCuts- skull from Toil and Trouble SVG Kit; santa hat from Warm Gingerbread Cards SVG Kit
-Regency Letter Embossing Folder by Craftwell
Using my eCraft I cut out the following (make sure that keep proportions is checked off when re-sizing in SCAL3):
-Skull top at 4.25 inches wide
-Skull bottom at 4.25 inches wide (x2)
Import the red and white elements from the gingerbread card and then ungroup all items and resize the santa hat and white fur elements for the hat.
-red hat at 2.4 inches wide
-white fur trim at 1.96 wide
-white circle at .55 wide
I embossed the white fur elements with the Regency Letter Embossing Folder in my eBosser and then adhered them to the red part of the hat. Then I adhered together the skull top and bottom piece and then glued the hat on top of the skull. With the second black bottom piece I cut out, I adhered twine to the top of it and then glued it to the back of the skull finished piece so that the twine was sandwiched in between both black bottom pieces.
Speaking of that non-traditional tree, I better start putting it up... There's only 2 more weeks until Christmas!
Have a great Tuesday!
- Kim


  1. How fun! I love non traditional trees and memory trees way more than those that "came from the store"

  2. Of course you had to add the Christmas hat. What's a Christmas skull without one?